It has been a dream of mine for as long as I can remember to make people feel beautiful from behind the lens of my camera. Not only to make them feel beautiful, but to allow them to see the real beauty they posses. As women, most of the time the first thing we do when we look at an image of ourselves is tear it apart. We nitpick at the things we don’t like about ourselves and immediately start in with the negative comments. It’s almost as if we think it’s wrong to not say something negative and actually allow ourselves to accept the way we look. ¬†I’m as guilty as the next women of this damaging spiral and so began my desire to allow a space for women to be celebrated, to feel beautiful and actually look at a photo of themselves and love it. Yes, you have full permission to breathe deep and smile knowing that you are beautiful.

Your husband, boyfriend, mom, dad and even your children know how beautiful you are, they see it everyday in all the ways you serve, love and share your life with them. They see your beauty, so they want to let you shine.

And that is how the Let Her Shine sessions were born. You can enjoy a glass of champagne, the luxury of a professional hair and make-up artist to accentuate your features, not cover them up and the experience of a once in a lifetime photo shoot. Each in studio experience is unique, full of laughter and fun, we taylor the session to you and what makes you feel beautiful. You will receive a planning consultation before your session as well as an exclusive in studio premier after your session to see all of your images for the first time.

Please drop me a line through the contact page to receive more information & to book a Let Her Shine session for the special women in your life!

And now, meet the lovely Melinda, the first of many to enjoy the Ler Her Shine experience. Melinda is getting married this weekend and before we document her big day we decided it would be a ton of fun to allow her to relax from all the stress of wedding planning and enjoy some pampering. We chatted with the fabulous Lauren Powers about the different looks we wanted to do for Melinda and allowed her to work her magic. And Lauren created three beautiful looks for Melinda, all soft and natural each one with it’s own unique feature, whether it was soft curls or a daring red lip. With each look Melinda would look in the mirror and come out smiling and giddy saying, “I cant’ believe that’s me, I love it!” She could see herself as beautifully as you see her everyday, it wasn’t because we covered her up and made her into something she’s not, it’s because we accentuated her natural beauty and created a safe, fun place to feel confident and beautiful. I enjoyed every minute with you Melinda and can’t wait to document your big day! I hope you enjoy a few of my favorites from your session.

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Hair & Make-Up by Lauren Powers with Mane Event Salon. ( )