I look at my photography career as a never ending journey, there is always something new to learn and the latest and greatest technologies to keep up with. My favorite part of the journey is the part that can easily get overlooked with the hustle and bustle of running a business, it’s the people, the stories and the once in a lifetime memories that I have the opportunity to freeze in time. If you know me at all, then you know how important photos are to me. I have lost a lot of unexpected people in my life very early and I immediately knew the value of preserving memories. A photo is sometimes all we have left to remember precious people in our lives and other times a photo is a constant reminder of one of the happiest days of our lives. For me, photos have been both and I know I have many more memories yet to be made that will land in that “happiest day of my life” category :)

As memories are made and preserved in this day and age they are often times lost, forgotten on disc’s and barely viewed with the advancing technologies of cameras and computers. We live in a digital age, which in some ways is absolutely amazing. Thanks to Facebook and Instagram we can instantly see and share photos across the globe, but because of how quickly life moves the images are often skimmed, liked, commented on and then forgotten. The world is ready to move onto the next excitng thing and the next image. One thing I have learned is that no one will ever love your images and your memories as much as you do. As eager as we are to put images on Facebook or Instagram I feel that we should be even more eager to place memories as art in our homes. Your wedding day, the day your child was born, when you proposed, first steps and smiles should be enjoyed by you and your family on a daily basis and should serve as beautiful reminders of how precious life is.

So, as apart of my journey, that very thought will be put into practice in the McIntosh household and I will be sharing that same vision with my clients. This is the first of many images that will be turned into art in my home. I have been creating an in home studio of sorts where my clients can come to chat about their big day, view their images and shed a few tears while they relive their wedding day. This image is from Elise & David’s wedding and was shot on the Pedestrian Bridge in Downtown Nashville. It was taken after they said “I do” and the two of them were absolutely ecstatic, in love and from the moment I clicked the shutter I knew this would be an image that encompassed their entire love story. Images and memories like these should be shared, viewed, remembered and enjoyed and I want to help you and future clients do just that. I will share more art work as it is chosen and mounted on the walls of my new meeting space. I will also promise to share personal photos that make the McIntosh walls! There are so many ways to turn your memories into art. This particular image has been split into 3 20×30 gallery wrap canvas’. This iconic black and white image with city scape was just screaming to become a tryptic on a gallery canvas medium.